I love the trend toward self-sufficiency in many of the tiny house blogs that I follow.  Providing for yourself and your local community is an inherent interest to those who call themselves voluntaryists.  

As we move toward spring I intend to start blogging more about my personal experience in homesteading, gardening and animal husbandry.

I wanted to share our garden on the farm.  We keep the sheep in the pasture beyond the garden area, there is a barn to the left out of the picture, you can see the run for the chicken coop on the left hand side of the first shot.  

We compost the manure from both.  Sheep provide excellent manure for improving the friability of marginal soils and chickens produce nitrogen rich waste.  They are two of the best in terms of building quality soil.

Much of what we do does not require huge amounts of land or crazy investment.  It does require work and responsibility.  The knowledge is so important for people to have access to; hopefully I can help spread it through this outlet as the days grow longer.

I also welcome questions about anything.