Insider trading with no strings attached. There is no need for bribery in our system. Just a hot tip on who’s getting the next dose of pork from the Feds.

Total information dominance. In the fascist climate we find ourselves in it is critical that the developments of intrusive technology are kept in context.

It is widely acknowledged that Google is a cooperative partner of the federal government and its efforts to establish the total security/surveillance state, individual rights be damned.

It is also known that tech giants that have cooperated in these illegal efforts have granted government access to private tech development allowing for indiscriminate backdoor access to consumer goods. Now they want access to not just your PC, phone and television but your thermostat and your automobile interior.

Um, ok.


I don’t laugh at Obama jokes

If a guy hired someone to murder your neighbors and then he got in front of a bunch of people and told a few jokes, would you laugh?

Would there be people in the crowd saying “you may not agree with his actions, but he’s a cool guy?”

#so chill

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson enjoying a cigarette and a Fresca during halftime of Super Bowl I.
Look at the lush locker room accommodations.  We’ve lost something.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson enjoying a cigarette and a Fresca during halftime of Super Bowl I.

Look at the lush locker room accommodations.  We’ve lost something.





The old crazy fucker wants a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT in his personal vendetta against the Koch Brothers that reverses the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and gives power to regulate campaign funds back to the Feds.

The motherfuckers CRAZY! INSANE! He’s lost every god damn marble left in…

What does he have against the Koch brothers? Aren’t they two private business owners or something? Don’t they own a business together (I haven’t kept up on them, I’ve had a hard time keeping the story straight.)?

The Koch brothers are literally fascists. They’re using their wealth to merge state and corporate power - that’s exactly what fascism is, as defined by Mussolini’s ghost writer, Giovanni Gentile, who came up with the word.

Are they, or is that what Reid is saying? I never seem to know anymore.

I’m sorry, not to interject but the Koch brothers are Emmanuel Goldstein incarnate. They are the definition of a red herring. It is humorous to see the vitriol aimed at them when you realize that the right hand man of the president and the chief economic advisor to the executive is literally the CEO of General Electric.

The feds seized 250 pounds of hemp seed ordered by Kentucky for its pilot hemp production program. Prior to prohibition hemp was the largest cash crop in the state along with tobacco. The state is sanely reintroducing it for industrial production and it was permitted under the federal farm bill. However, the DEA is stonewalling local efforts.

For those of you who don’t know but will take the time to read the article, Representative Massie from Kentucky is one of the few politicians from my home state (or anywhere for that matter) that is admirable. He’s one of those guys who ran because he wasn’t going to sit by while the machine steamrolled and he is one of those who would genuinely rather be doing something else and has fought the good fight while there.


so apparently the hubs has a reddit stalker and last night they professed their love for him and said they’ve been following him for a long time. makes me wonder if i have one. i’d better goddamn have one by now.

Probably himself.

"I would stalk me… I would stalk me so hard."
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